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Spatial Skills aims to uplift Unemployed Youth

Unemployment is a widespread challenge in South Africa and the numbers are rising due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition South Africa has among the highest youth unemployment rate globally. As the economy struggles from the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown, these numbers are likely to worsen

Esri South Africa have implemented numerous initiatives and have formed strategic partnerships to assist with skills development and to pass on critical geospatial skills to unemployed youth, aligning them to possible job opportunities. Adaptation and upskilling are essential, and these initiatives aim to educate people and reskill individuals impacted by COVID-19. Many of the skills can be learnt online.
“Technology is changing workplace roles, expectations, and opportunities. We believe learning is an essential strategy for success and geospatial skills are now, more than ever, an in-demand and highly-employable skill,” says Patrick McKivergan, Managing Director of Esri South Africa.
A lack of funds required to further studies is often an obstacle youth face and so this free initiative offers an opportunity for young people in our communities to gain knowledge and skills which in turn increases the skills pool and empowers youth.

Training for Unemployed Youth


Esri South Africa provides free Unemployed Youth Training. We recognise the high rate of unemployment among our youth in South Africa. Our vision is to provide skills development and capacity building for our youth in the Geography and Science space. We offer free training in geographic information system (GIS) to unemployed youth in the 18-to-30-year age category. We train unemployed youth on SAQA accredited training courses which cover the basic theoretical and practical GIS concepts including spatial data structure, data sources and transfer methods, projections and coordinate system, as well as fundamental spatial analysis techniques.

Esri South Africa is passionate about encouraging spatial awareness and critical thinking.

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Application closes on the 13th of April 2022. Correspondence will only be conducted with short listed candidates. Should you not hear from us by the  14th of April, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

Learn ArcGIS for Unemployed Youth 

The programme will be available from November 2020.
Esri South Africa is offering free access to Esri geospatial technology for one (1) year through a special offering for Unemployed Youth. This offering is for unemployed youth with a tertiary qualification who are currently looking for work but would like to expand their skillset at the same time. It is designed to encourage self-directed learning and help acquire geospatial skills needed for the digital economy.

What is included in this offering?

Includes the following products for a 12 month term:

  • Access to lessons and resources through Learn ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Online GIS Professional Advanced user (ArcGIS Pro and several app bundles)
  • ArcGIS Pro extensions
  • ArcGIS Notebooks
  • ArcGIS Insights
  • ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World
  • 500 ArcGIS Online Service credits

Please note you will need access to a good internet connection in order to participate in the course.

This offering does not include telephone support or the ability to log cases with Esri Technical Support. Unemployed youth can use any email account to sign up.

Esri South Africa is passionate about encouraging spatial awareness and critical thinking.

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